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About us

Artistery's is the world's first online gallery that presents unique works of art by renowned artists in person via video. 

Our focus is not only on the artists, their artworks and the technical details of the artworks, but also on the stories and motivations behind them. Some works or artists will inspire you, others you may identify with.

Our promising artists are in close contact with us and give us with their stories insights into their lives and sometimes very touching thoughts.  At Artistery's we give you the opportunity to get to know the artists and their works better and perhaps even to learn to love them.



Christof Braunegg |  CEO & founder

 “Since my childhood I was very strongly connected with art and became a passionate collector. Artistery's turned my passion into a profession."



Alexander Zoubek | Geschäftsführer

"Any Work of art must first of all tell a story

Art is not always about pretty things. It´s about who we are, what happended to us, and how our lives are affected."


Kajsa Rhodin | Art and Marketing Advisor
"I chose art as my way of life very young. It was the easiest decision ever.
As a young adult I studied fine arts in my hometown in Sweden and worked for several years as a gallery hostess at the oldest contemporary art Gallery in the region.
After I completed my art studies I moved to Vienna, Austria to continue studying at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Years and many experiences later I discovered that my own creativity comes to light in a different way than first expected; through the Business side of Art.
I have since earned myself a degree in Marketing and have gained experience in management.
I’m excited to be advising Artistery’s in Art and Marketing!"

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