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2019, Oil on canvas, 150 x 70 x 4,5 cm (WxHxD), incl. glued stretcher frame bars

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From the series "Layered Pictures"

"In 1994 Alfred Resch began working with strips of adhesive tape and has continued to
explore this formal method in all directions and genres, abstract and concrete,
in painting and photography. He has employed two variants exhaustively:
geometric-linear superimpositions that overlay two or more pictures like louvers,
and the random generation of ever new balances in chaotic structures, an informal
All-over technique in which snippets of adhesive tape are applied to layers of
color and progressively painted over. The superimposed images, each of which
is an interesting abstract color composition in itself, are thereby transformed
into compressed time. Different image spaces overlay and permeate one another.
The picture depth can only be measured in fragments and each step in the process of increasing density constitutes a further stumbling block to rapid visual
comprehension. Observation, too, needs time.

The layered pictures by Alfred Resch deal with the compression of information and light and with the storage of energy and time. They are so complexly constructed that the design process can no longer be deciphered by the beholder. “Deep Space, Flat Space” is the title of another series by Alfred Resch. Here too, superimpositions constitute an obstacle to perception.
what appears flat and what appears three-dimensional is a question of perspective.
which image is dominant, which one constitutes the pictorial ground and which
is superimposed? we want to know this in order to form a perceptual preference, a
focus, since perception relies on blocking things out. But what should we block out?
Darker colors suggest the underlying surface of the picture but this is not the case
in all the images. we are unable to discern a structure by which to orient ourselves.
These unsettling qualities compel the beholder to experience himself as a perceiver."

Astrid Kury

Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Graz, Austria
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Large & medium >100cm, >3kg<10kg

About the artist




Born 1962 in Graz; freelance visual artist; since 1981 active in the fields of painting, graphics, objects, sculptures, photography, installations, videos, mixed media. At the same time until 1991 training in electronics and completed studies in architecture. Since 2002 exclusive activity as a freelance visual artist. Lives in Graz and Havana.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, the catalogue of works comprised several thousand works, mainly graphics and paintings in expressionist style. In 1994 the first "layered pictures" were created and the series of works tended towards a geometric-abstract direction. More and more structures and individual elements are shaping the design. Subsequently, the painting, in combination with the technique of release, is transferred to various materials such as stone, metal plates or fabric. From the end of the 1990s onwards, additional works with a sculptural character, land art projects, photography cycles and installations were created. The most diverse media begin to mix, and the latest technologies from the fields of lighting engineering and electronics are incorporated into the works.

Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions :
0000 - Exhibitions with dates in bold are solo exhibitions

Large and small sections of our world, Medical Association Graz, AT;
2019 Networking, Kunststrasse Imst, AT;
2019 Vienna Change Graz, Kunsthalle Graz, AT;
2019 35 Years of International Textile Art, Steiermarkhof Graz, AT;
2019 On the path of wood, Skulpturenweg, St. Martin Castle, Graz AT

2018 20 years Marenzi Gallery, Leibnitz AT,
2018 Crossing fashion, main square Graz, AT;
2018 The graphic element, Graz Airport, AT;

China Reworked, Afro-Asian Institute Graz, Graz AT
2017 The Graphic Element, Gallery Alvona, Labin, CRO;
2017 The Graphic Element, Muzel Lapidarium, Novigrad, CRO;
2017 Open House Styrian Artists, Graz, AT;
2017 The Graphic Element, Muzej grada Iloka, CRO;
2017 The Graphic Element, Gradicki muzej Vukovar, CRO;
2017 The Graphic Element, Centar za Kulturu Cakovec, CRO;

2016 The Graphic Element, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, CRO;
2016 Resch, Sigmund Freud Gallery, Graz, AT
2016 Supermarket-Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, SWE;
2016 Cuba, Gerhard Sommer Gallery, Graz, AT;
2016 Large cut-outs, Kunsthalle Feldbach, AT;
2016 La isla - Relationship Network Cuba, Afro-Asian Institute Graz, AT;
2016 Resch-nur noch..., Kunsthalle Graz, AT

My own shadow, XII. Havana Biennial, Cuba CU;
2015 Part of the game, Kunsthalle Graz, AT;
2015 Reminiscences of Red, Fire Brigade Museum Groß St. Florian, AT
2015 Artists and their books, Styria. State Library, Graz, AT
2015 PastArte, Gallery Schafschetzy, Graz,AT
2015 Styrian Artfoundation -10 years artist retreat, Steiermarkhof, Graz, AT

Portraits, Gallery Schafschetzy, AT;
2014 Vietnam Reworked, Gallery Gerhard Sommer,Vienna, AT;
2014 Original graphic photography, Eisenhut Gallery, Graz, AT
2014 Art Lake Constance, Gallery Gerhard Sommer, Bregenz, AT
2014 Art of Geometric Abstraction, Tabor Castle in Neuhaus, AT
2014 Photo Graz-014, Iron Ore Art, AT
2014 Portfolio works and editions, Galerie Sommer, Graz, AT
2014 I AM U, Afro-Asian Institute, Graz, AT
2014 Involvement (N)isten, Kunstgarten Graz, AT

Baldachin, Landhaushof Graz, AT;
2013 Gallery Art and Trade, Scope Basel, CH;
2013 Patagonia, Gallery RemiXX, Graz, AT;
2013 Sternchen, Werkstadt Graz, AT
2013 Excerpts from our world, Graz Airport, AT
2013 Austrian contemporary sculpture, Taboris Neuhaus Castle, AT
2013 Great art in small format, Galerie Sommer, Graz, AT
2013 Collection City of Graz - acquisitions, Graz Airport, AT

shift by shift, AK Styria, Graz, AT
2012 Sternchen, Werkstadt Graz, AT
2012 Summer party, Karl Morrestraße, Graz -
2012 Scope Basel, Galerie Gerhard Sommer, Basel, Switzerland -
2012 Collages, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2012 Club opening, Post garage, Graz -
2012 Expeditions, collection additions 2006-11, Stadtmuseum Graz -
2012 10+/-50, Kunsthalle Feldbach, Feldbach -
2012 Paper mill, Graz -
2012 WIKAM, Gallery Art and Trade, Vienna -
2012 PhotoGraz 010, Austria Cultural Forum, Zagreb, Croatia

2011 Works on paper, Galerie Kunst und Handel, Vienna -
2011 Star, Werkstadt Graz, Graz -
2011 WIKAM, Gallery Art and Trade, Vienna -
2011 Alfred Resch, large format painting, Dominikanergasse 10A, Graz -
2011 from dust to dawn-2, Herne, Germany -
2011 Picture of Time, City Museum, Graz -
2011 Photography 1885 - 2011 , Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2011 Paintings - Alfred Resch, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2011 Femininity, Lendbox, Graz -
2011 Paths to Abstraction, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2011 Occasion, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2011 Cabo Verde, Afro-Asian Institute Graz -
2010 Lava, star, Werkstadt Graz, Graz -
2010 December, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2010 Taxi ride Havana, Photo Graz 10, City Museum Graz -
2010 WIKAM, art fair, gallery art and trade, Vienna -
2010 Art and Antiques, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2010 Farbfunken, art trade Kraut, Bleiburg -
2010 Videos, Long Night of the Museums, kunstGarten Graz -
2010 my legs, Space Station Sixty-Five, London, UK -
2010 the light side of the moon, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2010 flawless 1, Graphics from master hand, Tabor Castle, Neuhaus, Burgenland -
2010 last but not lost temptation, kunstGarten Graz -
2010 Alfred Resch, Castle Museum Archeo Norico, Deutschlandsberg -
2010 Taxi trip/press Greece, educational association, Graz -
2010 ball of light, wave catcher, gallery art and trade, Villa Frey, Graz -
2010 Light crocheted covers, reliquaries, cultural centre Minoriten, Graz -
2010 Alfred Resch, Space for Art and Nature, Bonn, Germany -
2010 deep space, WIKAM, art fair, gallery art and trade, Vienna -
2010 La Gomera, Artistically documented, Kunsthandel Bachlechner, Graz -
2010 My legs, Obscene ?, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2010 Arte y Moda, Museo Nacional de Bella Artes, Havana, Cuba -
2010 Sistine Portraits and Others, Marenzi Gallery, Leibnitz -
2010 The Algae, Ideas Competition Social Warmth, Museum of Perception, Graz -
2010 Home_life, Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna
2010 Impulse of time, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2009 On dust and Dawn, A Trans Pavilion, with A. Reinisch, Berlin -
2009 mountains of adhesive tape, Sternchen 15, Werkstadt Graz -
2009 my legs, WIKAM, Palais Lower Austria, Vienna -
2009 pictures of blinds, Hotel Reart, Wolfsberg, Carinthia -
2009 Gugging im Umbruch, graphic exhibition, gallery art and trade, Graz -
2009 Shift pictures, Merkur Gallery, Graz -
2009 Crossing Cultures Cuba_Art, Academy Graz, Reininghausgründe, Graz -
2009 All in one - One for all, Gallery Art and Trade, Vienna -
2009 Expedit 09, Gallery Werkstadt Graz -
2009 Masterpieces from Austria, Deutschlandsberg Castle Museum, Deutschlandsberg -
2009 Pictures and objects, day of the open studios, Graz -
2009 Mixed up, Austrians, artist fair Huntenkunst, Doetinchem, Netherlands -
2009 My legs and Flawless 1, Galerija bij de Boeken, Ulft, Netherlands -
2009 Sistine Portraits, with A. Reinisch, Gallery Art and Trade, Haus Frey, Graz -
2009 Collages, art dealer Bachlechner, Graz -
2009 Excerpts from our world, Werkstadt Graz -
2009 a new spirit in painting, Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna -
2009 Lichtmesz, Minoritengalerie, Graz -
2009 Brave new world, dreams and nightmares, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2009 cross over, Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna -
2008 scratch marks, Photo Graz 08, Künstlerhaus Graz -
2008 berg, asterisk, workshop Graz -
2008 my legs, 257 treasures, gallery art and trade, Graz -
2008 light crocheted cover, repertory, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz
2008 schichtbilder, 3rd Kunstsalon, Old University Graz -
2008 art collage, with A. Reinisch, Galeria sodobne umetnosti, Celje Slovenija -
2008 klangknäuel, 4th artist exam, Hypo Graz -
2008 alfred resch, Gallery Artetage, Graz -
2008 gugging in upheaval, master of modernism, Jennersdorf -
2008 light crocheted cover, ORF Styria -
2008 das Grün und Anderes, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2008 disposable advertising, street gallery, Graz -
2008 natura forte, Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld -
2007 Cologne Fine Art, Art Fair Cologne -
2007 electronic dots, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2007 and I'm always missing something, and it's torturing me, Werkstadt Graz -
2007 everything:photo, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2007 doppel:punkt, with Jörg Kotzak, Malwerkstadt, Graz -
2007 expedit 03, workshop Graz, Graz -
2007 I feel something you can't see, Made for Admont, Admont Monastery -
2007 ar synthesis, with A. Reinisch, Gallery Art and Trade, Graz -
2007 statements, Gallery RemiXX, Graz -
2006 mozart-konsumtransporter, star, Werkstadt Graz -
2006 Art fair ST-ART Strasbourg, Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Strasbourg, France -
2006 8 positions on mozart, St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta -
2006 photo_graz, Gallery ESC, Graz -
2006 shown a thousand times, to Ernst Schmidt Jr., Gallery Art and Trade, Gal. RemiXX, Graz
2006 slice honey, the garden island of franz josef's - art on nature, kunstGarten Graz -
2006 west-west, storage stones - constructive, Gallery RemiXX, Graz


2005 landscape keyboard, asterisk, gallery Werkstadt Graz, Graz -
2005 notice board, gallery art and trade, Graz -
2005 december, Tammerburg, Lienz, East Tyrol -
2005 railway stations, exhibition on the competition, Montafon Art Forum, Schruns, Vorarlberg
2005 raus(ch), photo_graz, Kunstraum Tratari, Graz -
2005 inscriptions, PT(uj - gr)AZ, Ptuj Castle, Pokrajinski Museum, Ptuj, Slovenia -
2005 klangknäuel konsumentenschutz, AK Steiermark, Graz -
2005 projekte 04, open day, studio, Graz -
2005 rausch, art in the vineyard, Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria -
2005 library different, wondrous and transformed, Museum Stift Admont, Styria -
2004 mars, purchases of the Artothek of the Federal Chancellery, Neue Galerie, Graz -
2004 strip photos, in the studio, Graz -
2004 sculptures, objects, art concepts, gallery art and trade, Graz -
2004 december, Tammerburg, Lienz, East Tyrol -
2004 strip-strip-tease, erotica, art space/culinarium, Graz -
2004 alfred resch, Kendrion art award, Lerchhaus, Eibiswald -
2004 fotoarbeiten, academy of framers, art fair Salzburg -
2004 solidified landscapes, with B. Lang u. S. Sakic, Kulturzeit, Reutte, Tirol -
2004 o.t., Lifestyle, Forum Kloster, Gleisdorf -
2004 shower, art week Grafenschlag, Vitis, Lower Austria -
2004 alfred resch, art space, gallery art and trade, Graz -
2004 sahara, International Hollfeld Art Exhibition, Hollfeld, Germany -
2004 collages, Tammerburg, Lienz -
2004 below and above, LSAP, Wachtberg, Gars, Lower Austria
2004 in the frame of -2, Gallery M. Preiner, Graz -
2004 kalvarienberg the artist, ORF Styria , Graz -
2004 in the frame, Gallery M. Preiner, Graz -
2004 art reception, ORF studio Styria, Graz -
2003 collages, Tammerburg, Lienz -
2003, suburbs, house of architecture, Graz -
2003 water, Pichl Castle, Mitterdorf -
2003 alfred resch, art2net Gallery, Vienna -
2003 heimspiel 1, gallery Schafschetzy, Graz -
2003 wunderkammer, studio Griesgasse, Graz - 
2003 art capital instead of art capital, Harnisch u. Schubertkino, Graz -
2003 mikro - makro, Gallery Theodor Hörmann, Imst -
2003 20in40, Gallery art2net, Vienna -
2002 positions, WUK, Vienna -
2002 land art, Muttekopfhütte, Imst, Tyrol -
2002 7ieben, Gallery art2net, Floridotower, Vienna -
2002 graz intern, Forum Stadtpark, Graz -
2002 the run of things, studio P. Ott, Graz -
2002 room 3, Gallery Maerz, Linz -
2001 o.t., purchases of the Artothek of the Federal Chancellery, Neue Galerie, Graz -
2001 transmedial exercises, Cultural Center Minoriten, with R. Kordon and K. Frank, Graz -
2001 collezione, Gallery Schafschetzy, Graz -
2001 wellenfänger, Austrian Media Library, Vienna -
2001 bunte hunde, academy, graz -
2001 contemporary art in Graz, workshop, Graz -
2000 stone-age networking, Multi-Mediahaus, Würzburg -
2000 wave catcher, ESC in laboratory, with S.Müller radio, Graz -
2000 book-storage stones, Admont Monastery -
2000 substrat, International Garden Show, Unterpremstätten -
2000 substrate, ko a la - office, hard -
2000 Architecture workshop, Lienz -
1999 memory stones, gallery Preiner, Graz -
1999 memory stones, commercial, Graz -
1999 stickers, Gallery Dobida, Weiz -
1999 Fh technical school, Graz -
1999 collages, Alfred Wall AG, Graz -
1999 final ?, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna -
1998 atem blick, Neubaugasse, Graz -
1998 stickers, Bildungshaus Retzhof, Leibnitz -
1998 stickers, studio Schimunek, with I.Klug, Graz -
1997 medien-kosmos, Neubaugasse, Graz -
1996 work, studio Griesgasse, Graz -
1995 new home, studio Griesgasse, Graz -
1994 rollenbild, Zanklhaus, Kernstockgasse, Graz -

1993, kilometer 723, National Museum Cluj Napoca, Romania -

1988 norge, coastal museum Florö, Norway -
1988 private, exhibition Landesförderungspreis, Neue Galerie, Graz -
1988 meeting points, Steiermärkische Sparkasse, Graz -
1988 gummibären, Strassganger cultural centre, with B.Sommerer, Graz -
1986 tuscania, exhibition Landesförderungspreis, New Gallery -
1981 - 86 various exhibitions, Styria, Italy


clearings, art in buildings, Neue Aula Ursulinen, ceiling design, Graz 2017 │Signs art in public space, Feldbach, Styrian provincial government, 2016 │Winter-Summer, project in public space, Schladming, Styrian provincial government 2009-12 │
"Inverted Street", Project - Wall Design in Public Space, City of Kapfenberg, Office of the Styrian Provincial Government 2008 - 09, "Energy", Project - Wall Design in Public Space, with A. Reinisch, Gleisdorf, Office of the Styrian Provincial Government 2006 - 09 - "Sound Wall", Project - Wall Design in Public Space, with A. Reinisch, Gleisdorf, Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung 2006 - "Connected with - railway stations", art in construction, competition, Montafon art forum and railway, 2005 - "Ramsar-Zentrum", invited artistic competition, Lower Austria, 2005 - Kendrion art award, 2004 - "Old University", state representation rooms, invited competition, Styria, 2004 - workshop, frozen landscapes, Kulturzeit, Reutte, Tirol 2004 - Symposium, "Wasserscheide", Grafenschlag Art Week, Lower Austria 2004 - International symposium, project Art in Nature, Wachtberg, Lower Austria 2004 - "True Landscape" submission Land Salzburg,- rock paintings, 2003 - symposium "land art", Imst, Tirol 2002 - artistic consulting and design, redesign of the main bridge Graz, with H. Wolfschwenger, Graz, 2002 - radio programme for the exhibition opening "wellenfänger", media library, 55 min, Vienna, 2001 - project "digital water" open space object, Vienna, 2000 - radio broadcast for the opening of the exhibition "wellenfänger", esc-labor, 60 min, Graz, 2000 - artistic competition and realization garden show, Unterpremstätten 2000 - competition staging concept National Park Thayatal with V. and Z. Oberwalder, R. Kutscha 1999 - graphic works Büro Binder-Lusser, G. Mitterberger 1993-2000 - studio community with H. Grandits, D. Erharter, I. Brandner, G. Hainzl, Graz 1995-2001 - art project trip with R. Rushan, Morocco, Algeria 1992 - assistant with R. Rushan, Morocco, Algeria 1992 - assistant with R. Wilfing, Hitzendorf summer 1985,86 , Florö Norway 1988 - further education with : Prof. R. Kedl, Rein and Neuhodis 1987-90, Prof. G. Hoke, Rein 1982-91, Prof. R. Kortokraks (London) Tuscania, Italy summer 1982,83,86, Prof. R. Kortokraks (London) Scheerer, South Tyrol summer 1983, Prof. E. Charusa, Mag. Wallisch, A. Möhlis, Graz 1982-85, Prof. W. Otte, Salzburg summer 1981 - member of the artist association "om" in Graz 1981-85.

- 20 years Galerie MarenziDocumentation, approx. 80 pages, Nov.2018
- Cubic picturesAlfred Resch, Sterz Edition 111, 72 pages, Nov. 2016
- Interior/Exterior, Alfred Resch, Edit. Gallery Summer, 80 p., Dec. 2015
- Iron Ore ... on Wire, eisenerZ*ART, 86 p., 2014
- Vietnam reworked, Alfred Resch, edition keiper, Graz, 80 p., Mar 2014
- Alfred Resch, Light&Noise - Objects &Installations, edition keiper, 240 p., Dec. 2013
- Patagonia reworked, Alfred Resch, 80 S, edition keiper, Graz 2013
- Who owns the Zeit?, Universitätsverlag Graz, 118 pages, May 2012
- Sterz 104/105, Graz, 72 pages, March 2012
- Alfred Resch, Painting and Photography / Gallery and Photography 2006 - 11, Edition Keiper, Graz,
  174 pages, November 2011
- Femininity, Time Out Coordination Group, Graz, 164 pages, June 2011
- Identities Africa, Afro-Asian Institute Graz, 82 pages, Feb. 2011
- Alfred Resch, On the glow of colour and coloured lights, Vernissage, Issue Sept.-Oct.2010
- Styrian Art Foundation, 5 years Styrian artists retreat - 2005-2010, May 2010
- Arte y Moda, Edicion 2010, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba,112 pages, April 2010
- Social Warmth, The Algae, DVD catalogue, Gallery RemiXX and Academy Graz, March 2010
- Crossing Cultures Cuba Art_Fashion, Academy Graz and Afro Asian Institute, 56 pages, Sept.2009
- 4th artist retreat 2008, sound and space, styrianArtfoundation, 72 pages, Oct. 2008
- "A R Synthesis", Alfred Resch or Arnold Reinisch, Vescon-MIC-Summer, 192 pages, March 2007
- Almanac 2003, Werkstadt Graz, 160 pages, Agath print, 2003
- catalogue, - wave catcher / micro-macro -, Alfred Resch, 118 pages, Austria Medien Service, Apr. 2002
- Free Radio Helsinki, - Waveguide - , Programme guide 01/02 , Graz, 2002
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- Newsletter, FH Joanneum, Technikum Joanneum GmbH, Graz, Edition 06 12/99
- Retzhof Program Sept. - Dec. 1998, -glue pictures-, Office of the Styrian Government State Government, Leibnitz, 1998

Works in public ownership:

Artothek of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, City of Graz, Province of Styria, Graz University of Technology, Neue Galerie Graz, Styrian Chamber of Commerce, Admont Monastery Art Collection, Museum Archeo Norico, City of Imst.


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