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2017, Object, mixed media and acrylic, 27 x 23 x 10,5 cm (WxHxD)

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The whale is mounted on a stone pedestal. The whale is the largest mammal on earth. The blue whale can reach a length of 30m. It is incredibly large and strong, but its habitat is threatened by humans. This sculpture is made of plastic and the plastic ends in the whale which means its death. Anny Wass would like to draw attention to this topic with the whale and call for mindfulness in dealing with resources in everyday life.

Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Vienna, Austria
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About the artist




Anny Wass obtained her Diploma degrees in the field of Product Design and sculpture at
the wienerkunstschule 2006, followed by a diploma for photography. Since graduating in
2009, Wass has built a multidisciplinary practice characterized by material investigation,
artisan collaboration, and a passion for color and detail.
Wass enjoys exploring the relationships we make with objects in our everyday lives, and
questions how they can become cultural conduits. She is interested in critical approaches
to achieving sustainability in a mass consumption, production-driven society.
Her work is all about the topic of conciousness and concentration. Through components
like size, color, graphic modules and tribe art elements, her art is visibly transporting the
idea of concious awareness for material, size, effort, society and environment.
Wass likes to work with discarded materials. Materials like plastic, synthetic materials considered to be used at construction
sites in large quantity and organic materials. Through combination of her joice of colour
and technique - often inspired by ancient tribes or traditional spiritual art forms - she
surprisingly turns them - especially for her own subjective pleasure - into valuable objects
of Desire. Her small Objects often are photographed in high resolution and put into large
scale prints.
This puts them into undefined, often unexpected dimensions and like in advertisement -
photography again enhances their importance and ‚worth to look at‘ moment.
She has undertaken residencies in Mexico City and Pittsburgh and already worked with
artisans from diverse African countries as part of her StartUp .
Along side working closely with Gert Resinger since 2009 for curatorial projects as, and one off works, they have been commissioned by a variety of
partners to create artworks and interiors.

Anne - Sophie Wass
born 1983, in Hallein/Salzburg
1994-2002 Musisches Gymnasium / Salzburg
2002-2006 wiener kunst schule (
since 2004 Photographic Assistant for e.g. Arnd Ötting/Vienna
2005 International Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Photography Class Katharina Sieverding
2006-2009 Photography Diploma at fotoK Vienna (
2006 Artist Residency - Mexico City
2011 Lectureship at Fashionschool Salzburg
2011 Curatorial work and founder of http:/
2012 Co-Founder of ‚ weproductions ‚ together with Gert Resinger
2013 Co-Founder and creative of Onlineplatform
2015 Co- Founder of

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