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algorithm waves 2

2019, MIxed media on canvas, 120 x 180 cm (WxH)

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"As an essential feature of my visual language I use the Cellular Vending Machine. This was introduced around 1940 as a universal calculation model and was considered an important basis for artificial life. In these works, however, the arrangements of geometric forms and grids are no longer analog, but digital
generated. On the body of the picture, however, they encounter the painterly gesture and graphic interventions that reconstruct the digital codes and intervene with them. The manifold interweavings and overlaps thus take place at the interface between analogue and digital and build themselves into spatial dynamic systems, which are used as abecedarium in the composition. The interplay between the sterile computer-generated material and the painterly and graphic elements as traces of human intervention, the competition of two cellular systems, gives rise to the dynamic formal language of these works.
"As a starting point I use codes from the binary system, which provide the cellular "default" for the analog conversion. These codes are used in a calculation developed by me and thus make it possible to find a sub-range from the continuously self-developed algorithm. This procedure allows me a controlled application of the cellular automaton. The meeting of hard digital forms / outputs allows those within the forms to form a network of a new kind of composition. Hard digital forms/outputs meet within the image area and fuse into a network of a new composition.
Questions that arise are, for example, the extent to which we are dependent on technology and how we will deal with it in society. How will it be able to exert artistic influence and where will we start to promote human creativity?"

Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Vienna, Austria
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About the artist




Born 1986 in Mistelbach, lives and works in Vienna & Lower Austria.
After his training as a graphic designer he studied philosophy at the
University of Vienna and began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 with
Arts with Silke Otto-Knapp, Gunter Damisch, Veronika Dirnhofer and Christian.
Schwarzwald (2018 - diploma).
His work moves at the interface between the digital and analog worlds.
As a starting point for his artistic realization, he uses codes and
algorithms that he provides for his analog implementation, which includes printmaking, painting and
Drawing contains, provides.


2019 " Maltaload 1.0 | AiR Gmünd Residency [Gmünd | Carinthia]
2018 " into the woods | magdas HOTEL [Vienna]
2017 " line / space / surface | Academy of Fine Arts [Vienna]
2016 " M-Zone | Nitsch-Museum Mistelbach [Mist elbach | Niederöst erreich]


2019 " Vienna Art Week [Traktorfabrik] [Vienna]
" Gumballmachine | Kaeshmaesh [Vienna]
" 36th Austrian Graphic Arts Competition [Taxis_Palais] [Innsbruck | Tyrol]
" Koschatzky Art Prize 2019 | MUMOK [Vienna]
" Science : Art | Künstlerhaus [Vienna]
2018 " Diploma exhibition, input:output | Academy of Fine Arts [Vienna]
2017 " How did we manage to drink the sea | Galerie 5020 [Salzburg]
2016 " Next Generation | Gallery Gaudenz Pedit [Kitzbühel | Tyrol]
2015 " TERRITORY | Blütengasse 9 [Vienna]
2014 " Europe Day | City Center Lviv [Ukraine]
2013 " Paroda ART knyga | Main Library-Vilnius [Lithuania]


2020 " scholarship at the summer academy Salzburg with Tobias Pils
" RedCarpet-Showroom [Volkstheater
" STRABAG ART-AWARD | Nomination
2019 " AiR - Artist in Residence stay | Gmünd 2019
" Walter KOSCHATZKY ART-AWARD | Nomination
" Art Start_STUDIO | Scholarship
2018 " Ö1 - Graphic of the month
2017 " STRABAG ART-AWARD | Nomination
2015 " Walter KOSCHATZKY ART-AWARD | Nomination
" STRABAG ART-AWARD | Nomination


Curriculum Vitae:
2018 Diploma with distinction,
with Univ.-Prof. Mag. Christian Schwarzwald
& AO.Univ.-Prof. Doz. Mag. Veronika Dirnhofer
2016 - 2017 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts [Vienna].
with AO.Univ.-Prof. Doz. Mag. Veronika Dirnhofer
2013 - 2016 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts [Vienna].
Class graphics, with Univ.- Prof. Gunter Damisch,
Prof. Mag. Veronika Dirnhofer & Mag. Philip Patkowitsch
2012 - 2013 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts [Vienna].
Class for representational painting,
with Univ.- Prof. Silke Otto-Knapp
2009 - 2013 Studies of Philosophy [Vienna]



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