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black/white like papercuts III

2019, Drawing on paper, 3 pictures each 32,5 x 26,5 cm (WxH), total ca. 80 cm (H), with wooden frame and passepartout, behind glass

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The series black/white like papercuts consists of several triptycha. The drawings are monochrome, figurative and reduced. Through this clarity, the works convey a feeling of calmness. Retreating into nature helps us to slow down the often very dynamic everyday life. Black/white like papercuts also plays with what seems to be the obvious. We tend to split decisions, points of view, actually our whole life into either or, black or white, 0 or 1. Also in this case: the works, these are obviously papercuts. Well, it is not that simple. Only when taking a  close look, you will be able to notice the fine details. Surfaces are structured and give the work a depth that is hidden when only looking at them superficially. Looking closely and taking time are essential to enjoy all different levels of the works.


Size of artwork: 18 x 13 cm (WxH)

Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Vienna, Austria
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About the artist



Julia Bugram lives and works in Vienna. She graduated at the Kunstschule Wien with a focus on printmaking and ceramics and continues her studies at the academy of fine arts Vienna.

ATTENTIVENESS - A word with numerous facets
Small but fine details turn seemingly everyday things into unforgettable and special moments. In order to perceive them, it is important to take one’s time and look closely. Julia Bugram's graphic works demand attentiveness from their viewers and invite them to take a closer look. In her works, some objects / situations / persons are clearly depicted, others are veiled and alienated. Contrasts provide outlines, forms and truths are constructed and deconstructed again.
She finds a lot of inspiration by searching for peculiarities in the "everyday" environment and the question "Whether and how art can make a contribution to a better coexistence? The focus is on small, fine, seemingly unimportant details. Extraordinary and unforgettable moments, however, are only transformed into particularly valuable memories through these small aspects and are held forever.

*) 2019 Crowdfunding & Funding Project Raising Hands
*) 2013-dato Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (artistic teaching)
*) 2016-2019 Kunstschule Wien
*) 2018 SHIFT subvention from Basiskultur.Wien for “Achtung Ameisen! 2.0”
*) 2017 Scholarship MA 7 (Arts & Culture) - Report Matteotti Works
*) 2008-2014 Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)
*born 1988 in Vienna

2019 May-Sep Achtung Ameisen 2.0 (Ankerbrotgründe 1100, Andergasse 1170, Schlingerhof 1210)
2019 October grenzART on the road2, CentroArteLupier, Gardone, IT
2019 September Parallel Vienna, IntAkt- Projectstatement
2019 August Symposium „beyond the horizon“, Gallery Augenblick
2019 August int. Painting symposium, Gallery of fine arts Hodonin, CZ
2019 February The Integral of the Vote - 100 Years of Women's Voting Rights, WUK
2018 August Symposium “Epen, myths & stories told”, Gallery Augenblick, Kirchberg am Wagram with GrenzArt
2018 June MAZE (WUK) joint exhibition
2018 June Intervention Achtung Ameisen! social intervention, during SOHO in Ottakring
2018 March The Print Waltz Domenig Gallery
2017 November Perception of moments WUK- Werkstätten- & Kulturhaus Vienna with Ines Kaufmann
2017 October another world is possible Amerlinghaus (with IntAkt)

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