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Somewhere in the middle of imaginary desert

2018, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90 cm (WxH)

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The artist Neda Nikolic had the inspiration for Somewhere in the middle of imaginary desert during a summer walk through a Spanish village in the afternoon. Siesta - no people to see on the street. Neda felt almost alone in the seemingly deserted village.

The artist Neda Nikolic loves to work creatively and create new worlds. This utopian city she moved to the desert. That's exactly how Neda Nikolic felt that afternoon. As in the desert, she hadn't met any people during her walk through the Spanish village, it was hot and the sun was burning down. The shadows represent the time of day and indicate the siesta.


Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Vienna, Austria
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About the artist




Neda Nikolic was born 1988 in Leskovac, Serbia, and she graduated Painting on Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade in year 2010. Studied painting on University of Applied Arts Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna.
She is a visual artist covering painting, site specific
installations and sculptures, with some experiences in performances. She is dealing with
contemporary topics such as communication in the digital context, translation of digital into analog
and a displacement in video games.

2010 Graduated Painting at University of Fine Arts Belgrade, Serbia
2011-2016 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Painting, Johanna Kandl, Henning Bohl and Monika
2016 Diploma with honours, University of Applied Arts Vienna



Last Call, kunstzelle, WUK, Vienna

Solo exhibitions:

2019 Vienna, Aa Collections, Triggers

2018 Vienna, Luftschloß Cobenzl, Kindheitserinnerungen, Raum- und Duftinstallation mit Yogesh Kumar

2016 Vienna, University of Applied Arts, Timelife story/a walktrough, installation
2015 Vienna, Aa Collections, Ludus Magnus, paintings and sculptures
2013 Vienna, WUK, Kunst zelle, Last call, installation
Vienna, Aa Collections, Spaghetti girls, installation
2012 Leskovac, City Gallery in Folks Museum, Sugarfree, paintings
2011 Belgrade, SKC, Dessert instead of exhibition, paintings
2010 Leskovac, Cultural Center, Dream about sugar, drawings

Some of group shows:

2020 Vienna,  frei_raum Q21 exhibition space, Living Studio 2019, curated by gallery Jan Arnold 

2019 Vienna, Dessous, Expanding the void II

2019 Vienna, Art Vienna with Aa collections
2018 Vienna, Die Schöne, Prozess
Vienna, Parallel with Dessous
Vienna, Dessous, Expanding the void, Wir sind Wien Festival
Vienna, Das Weisse Haus, Reunion on grass/Sharing what can't be solved,research project by Bojana Stamenkovic
Vienna, The Dessous, Expanding the Void, Wir sind Wien festival, augmented reality
2017 Vienna, Art Vienna, Leopold Museum, mechanical sculpture
2016 Vienna, Aa Collections, 5 years Aa Collections
2016 Vienna, The Essence 16, Annual Exhibition of University of Applied Arts Vienna, painting
Vienna, Schikander Kino, Raw matters, Performance Night, You keep calling, performance
2015 Vienna, Durchhaus, Gruppenzwang, painting and sculptures
Vienna, The Essence 15, Annual Exhibition of University of Applied Arts Vienna, performance
2014 Vienna, The Essence 14, Annual Exhibition of University of Applied Arts Vienna, performance
2013 Vienna, Glassmalerei Geyling, Vorsicht glass! #4, Cindy was a bitch, sculpture
2013 Vienna, Friday Exit, Mayday s moving images, video
Vienna, Ragnarhof, So was von retro, painting
Vienna, Kuturverein Werk, LolySkinLove, paintings and installation
2012 Vienna, Gallery Base-level, Bit by bit
2011 Belgrade, Gallery Magacin, Belgrade windows
Leskovac, Cultural Center, Spring exhibition
2010 Belgrade, SKC, Festum, First festival of Art University in Belgrade
Belgrade, FLU gallery, I am trying to be myself in drawings,currated by prof. Vesna Knezevic
2009 Belgrade, Gallery Dom omladine, 38. Exhibition of Art student's drawings and sculptures
Belgrade, gallery Fenix, Drawing classes
Petrovac on Mlava, Drawings exhibition currated by professor Vesna Knezevic
2008 Belgrade, Gallery Dom omladine, 37. Exhibition of Art student's drawings and small sculpture
Leskovac, Cultural Center, Autumn exhibition
2007 Belgrade, Gallery Dom omladine, 36. Exhibition of Art student's drawings and small sculpture

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