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Charity auction: "the stolen lives of morias children"

2021, oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

Start 15 May 2021
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Charity auction in favor of the children of Moria, 50% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the refugee aid of Caritas.



"Moria is a place that makes you unhappy.

You can't dream there."

Bahnam, 16


"We just ran to get away from the fire.

No one helped me. I couldn't breathe and I thought I was going to burn. It was terrible, and I'm still scared."

Asadi, 17


"They should play, laugh, learn and face everything to come with confidence.

Have joy in every day of their young lives because they are children.

But it's different with them, very different. They had to leave home head over heels

and cross an ocean to escape to a better and safer new life.

But the new life feels neither better nor safer.

Locked up, abandoned and without hope.

They were robbed of their childhood, even though we all could and still can help them.

It's so easy not to look and so important to do it anyway."


"My concern is to put a concrete face on this incredible injustice."



Seller: Artistery's GmbH
Location of the artwork: Vienna, Austria
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Large & light >100cm, <3kg

About the artist




The artist Joe Wagner


The works of Joe Wagner are technically well-considered and thoughtfully conceived. The arrangement of the individual elements, the location and thus the angle of view of the artist, the dynamics of the colors as well as their drip and trickle marks.

Wagner leaves nothing to chance, he composes, models and paints his works with great care and precision.
Different techniques, incidences of light and effects create the typical and special atmosphere for him.
But to the rational and cognitive control of the process of creation of his painting is the effect, that it triggers in the viewer, diametrically opposed.
His works are emotional messages that lead into an associative world - sometimes only for a moment.
Wagner is not concerned with illustrating reality, but to express his own - quite contradictory - emotional world.
This can surprise the viewer, touch, sometimes even disturb.

But in any case it leaves an impression.

Joe Wagner lives and works in Vienna.

(Text: Niklas Duffek )



1961 born in wr. neustadt, since early youth occupation with drawing and painting
1975 since this time constant argument with the painting.
entry via acrylic painting
1976 admission to the "grafische" in vienna. intensive occupation with drawing
1978 - 1980 parallel to the "grafische" - 4 semesters of painting under prof. fritz martinz and
prof. gerda matejka-felden at the vienna school of art
1990 after more than 10 years drawing and painting are again in the center of the work.
for the time being, however, intensive work with watercolor and airbrush.
1993 after years of experimenting, again great commitment in the field of oil painting
1994 foundation of the creative agency "artelier wagner
2007 merger of 2 agencies to "gitgo", staff 20 people.
intensive engagement with painting, especially with ei-tempera (self rubbed)
and oil painting
2014 quit the agency, reactivation of own creative agency "artelier wagner

1996 gallery workshop / neunkirchen
1997 palais palffy / vienna
1998 kunstsalon harrach / vienna
2020 eighty-gallery for contemporary art, berlin



Works of art

Start 15 May 2021
Charity auction: "the stolen lives of morias children"JOE WAGNER
120 x 120 cm
€ 2.900
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